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Dark Matter Squad

Topic: Crowd Sourcing via Social Media, Triangular and Square Digit Framework

$20 Early Bird
09/01 - 09/30
$25 Presale
10/01 - 11/25
$30 at Door

Matt will discuss using social media to crowd source concept development followed by an introduction to triangle-space finger techniques and the concept of the triangle grid vs the square grid. Ending with unveiling of Dimensionality framework--a concept that promises to bring greater conscious awareness to spatial manipulations.


Artist Background:

10 years ago Matt “Houdoken” Shoffner discovered a dance that would become the compass to his life’s journey--Liquid. As a kid, 8-bit video games gave him a love for the sounds and martial arts, a love for motion. A chance encounter with an old friend in 2001 would expose Matt to an art form that combined these two loves. Liquid and Digitz offered a creative outlet unparalleled in his previous martial arts experience. He soon put down his martial arts training to focus solely on becoming a student of these dances. Matt moved to the East Coast in 2004 to further his dance education.

Training with DC-based poppers he soon became part of the Assassins in 2006, repping funk styles in the DMV area. While teaching funk styles at DC Dance Collective in 2008 he began to examining some of the ways basics were approached in those dances. Not satisfied with explanations like “it’s just a feeling”, Matt made it his underlying goal to make the unconscious portions of these dances accessible to conscious thought.

His research attempts to delve into and uncover the conceptual trappings that underpin our abilities to freely describe how we express ourselves in these dances. He freely offers the results of this ongoing research, as a gift, to all for the advancement of all dance styles. Matt currently resides in Baltimore, MD and is part of Dark Matter Squad (R&D Division), focusing primarily on tutting and digitz and how they apply to liquid.