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An Exclusive Mix by jLush

Presented by Expansion Broadcast

Written by: Lush on April 04, 2012

I am very excited to announce that Expansion Broadcast is featuring one of my new mixes that I made just for them. Its amazing how people find each other through the love of music, I really only met these guys within the last couple of months yet I feel like I've known them forever. + more input


jLush's Lovestep Lounge v.2

A Dark Matter Exclusive Mix

Written by: Lady Lush on November 02, 2011

Hello, my peoples! Good news, I am sharing a mix with you all that I put together using Mixmeister studio & Fusion Live. This is just a chill-out mix containing some funky grime and deep dub. The vibes in the first half are chill sexy, funky, and even jazzy that say “baby, I’ma lay you down by the fire,” and then eventually progresses toward the darker, spacey side of dubstep. I call it the ‘Loveste... + more input

Picture 14

Ode to the Mixtape v.1

Live at the Limelight 1994

Written by: LPEric on October 04, 2011

Ahhhh...the mix tape how I loved thee? You were the pre party, the after party, for so many years, the soundtrack for so many lives. Nothing says classic club/rave culture quite like the mix tape. In the days before the internet dominated peoples' lives music was spread by mix tapes. Especially when most, if not all, club and dance music was not yet supported by commercial radio. The only way to get your mu... + more input


Lady Lush Mix Vol. 1

Your Monthly Audio Transmission

Written by: Jenn aka Lady Lush on July 27, 2011

Here's a little mix put together by yours truly. It is a small preview of some of the music I’ve been tuned into these days :) A lot of the tracks are available on Bandcamp from a couple of compilations that I picked up. The rest of the tracks are just a bunch of randoms I snagged from various channels on youtube over the last couple of months and even some I had from when I first started digging for dub. + more input