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An Exclusive Mix by jLush

Presented by Expansion Broadcast

Written by: Lush on April 04, 2012

I am very excited to announce that Expansion Broadcast is featuring one of my new mixes that I made just for them. Its amazing how people find each other through the love of music, I really only met these guys within the last couple of months yet I feel like I've known them forever. + more input


Lady Lush Mix Vol. 1

Your Monthly Audio Transmission

Written by: Jenn aka Lady Lush on July 27, 2011

Here's a little mix put together by yours truly. It is a small preview of some of the music I’ve been tuned into these days :) A lot of the tracks are available on Bandcamp from a couple of compilations that I picked up. The rest of the tracks are just a bunch of randoms I snagged from various channels on youtube over the last couple of months and even some I had from when I first started digging for dub. + more input